SLX Replacement Pods By Aspire 3 Pack 20mg


The SLX replacement pods are a prefilled pod that is made specifically for the SLX pod system only. With six different flavours to choose from consisting of

Arctic watermelon: The juicy taste of watermelon with a cool icy blast

Classic tobacco: The taste of a classic smooth rich Tobacco

Crema: A sweet creamy flavour

Frost: A cooling menthol sensation

Honey dipped tobacco: A sweetened smooth tobacco flavour

Mango: The fresh tangy sensation of juicy soft mangoes

Island ICE: A perfectly balanced Menthol

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The SLX Replacement Pods By Aspire are prefilled pods that are made specifically to fit the SLX AIO pod system. The pods come in a range of six flavours consisting of Arctic watermelon, classic tobacco, crema, frost, honey-dipped tobacco, and mango. Each pod is made from high-quality food-grade plastic and contains 2ml of e-juice. Each pod has a leak-proof design and has a built-in ceramic coil for a smooth inhale and richer flavour.

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Artic Watermelon, Classic Tobacco, Crema, Frost, Honey Dipped, Island Ice, Mango