Voom Replacement Pods 3 Pack


Voom replacement pods are simple and easy to use, no coil priming, no filling, just pop into the device and away you go.

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Voom Replacement pods come in a variety of 11 flavours for you to choose from, only available in 20mg

Tobacco: A full-bodied tobacco flavour, nothing more, nothing less
Ice Watermelon: A fresh juicy watermelon with a nice cooling ice effect to finish.
Ice Lemon: A zesty refreshing lemon with an icy kick
Ice Mango: A tropical mango followed with a nice cooling effect
Ice Grape: Sit back and relaxing with this refreshing freshly picked grape, with additional cooling.
Roasted Coffee: A perfect coffee blend, the ultimate morning vape.
Mint: A fresh mint leaf picked fresh to revitalize those taste buds.
Ice Strawberry: A succulent and sweet strawberry with a block of nice fresh ice to finish.
Shisha Double Apple: A classic shisha flavour, Apples and more Apples freshly picked from the orchard
Tobacco Mint Coffee: Three Flavours in 1 pack!
Watermelon Apple Strawberry: Three flavours in 1 pack!
No set-up, plug and play, the Voom Pods are 1.2ml in capacity and are estimated to last around 300 puffs.

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Ice Grape, Ice Lemon, Ice Mango, Ice Strawberry, Ice Watermelon, Mint, Roasted Coffee, Shisha Double, Tobacco, Tobacco Mint, Watermelon Apple