Hohm Run XL 21700 Battery By Hohm Tech


Hohm Tech emphasized on safety while still be focused on chart-topping performance, all Hohm Tech Cells come standard with Unique Authenticity codes or are equipped with the proprietary embossed power guard to eliminate counterfeits.

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The Hohm Run XL featuring a true and accurate 4007mAh capacity while still boasting an impressive 30.3A Continuous discharge rating if that’s not impressive enough the Hohm Run XL battery can be charged at a tested/proven 6.01A rating.

Development started in 2018 with intent to only power electric vehicles. It’s just too good to keep it restricted to only EV Projects.

Using the proprietary “OHM” cap in a 21.5mm width: 71.4mm length structure.

To view mooch’s report on these batteries please click HERE

Please note, these are 21.5mm wide and 71.4mm in length, these may not work in some devices due to the size.
Incompatible devices:

  • Evdilo Mod/Kit By Uwell
  • Puxos Kit By Aspire


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